How to Distinguish a Fake Account from a Real One on the Dating Website

When a person logs on a dating website, he or she is expecting to meet a future partner or at least a close friend. What a disappointment it is if the person you have been communicating with turns out to be a cheater, swindler or an agency instead of your interlocutor. Meeting fake online, you can be at least frustrated and heartbroken. In the worst case, you may lose your money.

Fake Accounts which Exist on the Dating Websites:

  • Regular people who are just entertaining in this way;
  • Matchmaking agencies which are making people sign a contract with them, in a dishonest manner;
  • Swindlers who are diddling money;
  • Sociologists and students.

The most surprising is the last group, isn’t it? These are the persons who care only for their professional research or diploma. They are setting up experiments on the real people, their feelings and emotions. For this reason, they log on the dating websites, start conversations. If your interlocutor is too much involved in your feelings, think of the “psychologists”, just in case.

How to Identify a Fake?

  1. The first and most important is to check the profile information and pictures. It is even better to say “study them”. Whenever there are discrepancies in personal description and pictures, or on the opposite, when everything looks way too good to be true, this is the reason to doubt.
  2. When you start chatting with a person, suggest a video or at least a phone call. Being refused for several weeks, you can be sure, something is wrong.
  3. Check your interlocutor in Google and other social networks. If you cannot find him or her on other social networks, if a person refuses to send the link to the other profile, there is something he or she hides. If you are told that your online date has no profile on FB, for example, do not swallow the bait. Why would a person log on a dating website having no other account? The more active you are, the more chances you have to meet your potential partner.
  4. If at least once in the conversation, the person asks you for money, never trust and never transfer it. Yes, everyone can get into trouble. However, until you meet your online date several times at least, do not agree on such kind of help. You can check if it is a real problem suggesting another help except for money. Thus, you will find out the truth.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, there are so many cheaters and liars, they are so seducing and professional. Despite your caution and attention, you still can be deceived. To reduce the risk to meet a fake on a dating website, choose a reliable resource which makes supplementary checks of the users or, for example, has a special pictures’ filter which may distinguish if they are real or not. Doing so, you will protect yourself from an undesired disappointment and a broken heart.

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